Ratchaburi old night market and Sanam Ya

Last weekend, i happened to be in Photharam and had extra time on Saturday night. I haven’t visited Ratchaburi for a while so we hopped in to a car and off we went. It is just 30 min away from Photharam and traffic was luckily easy.

Ratchaburi itself is quite small city and somehow tourists have not found it yet. It is close by big tourists sites like Damnoen Saduak floating market but the city itself is pretty unknown to most of foreigners visiting Thailand. It is anyhow very easily reachable by bus or by train from Bangkok for very reasonable prices.

Koyky Old Market and The Walking Street is right by the Mae Klong river and its roughly one kilometer long area. The market itself is open only on weekends 18:00-22:00 but probably some stalls are open also on the weekdays.

What you can find from the market is plenty of different kinds of food, desserts, clothes and handmade products. All in very reasonable prices.

There is also some activities for kids such as painting and toys to play with. Overall the vibe was really chill and family friendly. Normally there would be probably some alcohol sales over there as well but the day i visited was a dry day alcohol wise due elections.

Altought the night market by the river is only open on weekends, no worries if you come on weekdays. This is due the fact that Ratchapatsadu (Sanam Ya) market at Clock Tower next to it is open every day from 4pm to midnight. It is traditional thai market with loads of food options. Just find this clock tower and right beside it you can find tens of stalls selling food.

I also made a quick video for showing what the whole market is all about. Check it out in youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gX1nIGjhm8&t=11s

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PS. Here is the link for google maps. It is pointing to clock tower of Ratchaburi that is in middle of every places i have mentioned in this blog post.


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