Thailand Coffee, Tea & Drinks 2019 expo at Bangkok

For anyone who has visited Thailand, its well known fact that Thais like coffee and tea, There is small little cafes in every soi where you can grab a drink while going to work. Not to even mentioning the big chains that are all over the place as well. I am not different in that sense. I do like coffee a lot and drink it every day.

For that reason, i have been waiting for this day for few weeks now already. I pre-registered myself to Thailand Coffee, Tea & Drinks 2019 exhibition that is running 28-31 March in BITEC. To compliment this exhibition, they are also running
Thailand Bakery & Ice Cream 2019  expo in the same hall. You cannot go wrong on combining these two, that’s for sure.

BITEC as event location is right next to BTS Bangna station so off there with BTS and small walk towards the right event hall. Note to myself. Bring sweater next time, air con is very strong and its actually so strong that its a bit cold.


The event itself is free of charge (you just need to register which you can do at the door) and basically you can go there as individual coffee addict or as business owner related to coffee. It has something for everyone. Size of the expo hass was right size for my taste. I could easily walk around it few times without getting tired.

What did I see and taste? They had coffee (beans and brewed) from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, India and Indonesia. I think i also saw Columbia there somewhere which is naturally not a surprise. One of the best coffees that i tried was Miracle Laos coffee which had natural (very close to organic, but not there yet certification wise) coffee and drip coffee bags. I had long talk with their Thai country manager about future in doing business in Thailand and how they are planning giveback to not so wealthy farmers back in Laos. Looks like heart in is right place for this gentleman.

Miracle Laos coffee under preparation with drip bag

Another company that had heart in the game was Hope coffee from Myanmar. They produce 100% organic coffee by farmer from Karen tribes. These people have long traditions on growing and producing coffee as it already started 150 years ago. What makes this company special is the fact that they are donating 15% of their profits for good causes such as gender equality and improving education of children in Karen tribes. Coffee was good as well but there was something better: Fried Spicy sesames

There was also all kind of equipment for brewing coffee, mugs etc. They had industrial usage options that could suit bigger cafeterias and also something for individuals. Well thought by the organizers indeed.

It was nice to notice overall that there was lots of healthier and more natural/organic options available. Hopefully us, Thai people, learn to choose these options once they are out there in the shops more. In addition, i could see (and taste of course) some organic superfood products as well. Special green tea called matcha with health benefits was also pleasant surprise. I will definitely keep on drinking it once in a while. Or eating it as they also had very tasty chocolate versions of it.

As a bonus there was baristas brewing coffee in many of the stalls. You could try coffee as fresh as it can be. In stage in the corner of the hall, they had barista competition running all day so you could see some coffee brewing action.

I was mainly focusing on coffees myself but of course i went quickly see the bakeries as well. There was cakes, cup cakes, muffins, waffels… You name it, they had it all. I tried few samples and everything was great but nothing was worth to mention. I did take few photos so you will have idea on what they had.

Overall, the exhibition was great experience. I did try some very good coffees, met nice people and had ideas on what is coming next in the world of coffee. Now i just need to wait for another exhibition to be organized and i am going to see it again 🙂

Thanks for reading. More posts coming soon.


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