Rolling like a High class Bangkokian in luxury dinner buffet

My first few blogs have been all about more local Thai places in Thailand. As I remembered my late Valentine ’s Day dinner last month, I thought about also giving some time to write about more high end offerings of Bangkok. That being the way upper class Bangkokians roll every week. I must admit that it ain’t a bad way of living based on that one night for me.

Almost all big international high end hotel chains are in Bangkok. Eg. Marriott, Hilton and Sheraton, to name a few. What they have in common is that they typically have really high end lunch and dinner buffets on them. Some also have rooftop restaurants/bars with amazing view over Bangkok. Prepare to pay hefty 400+ THB for cocktails in rooftop bars, but for once in a lifetime experience, it is great.

Me dining in these kind of 4/5 hotels is quite rare but this time we decided to go there to celebrate first Valentine’s Day together with my boyfriend. You can basically just walk in to any of these fancy hotels and go for dinner but best value you get if you plan a bit advance and make booking in advance with sites/apps like eatigo. You can get really good discounts (up to 50%) if you do so.

We did exactly that and got good deal from Double tree Hilton at Sukhumvit soi 24. It’s a 4 star hotel but facilities overall looked luxurious. I could only guess how much the rooms are with that location and with this quality. We booked dinner without really knowing what it was all about and it turned out to be seafood buffet with some options for non-seafood lovers as well. Buffet was including everything else except the drinks and even water was close to 100 THB per bottle. Yikes.

Buffet had great choice overall. I did managed to do quick nonromantic moment for Valentines date and went through to take quick clip over the buffet. It’s in YouTube and you can check it out from here.

Seafood selection was obviously the highlight of the whole buffer and they prepared everything fresh to you. Pasta with own choice for all ingredients was also really good. I tried some funky combos that made even chefs of hotel shook their heads. Fusion kitchen as its best J . In addition the sushi section was pleasant surprise with fish and shrimp options and it was all so tasty. They had salad too, but for some reason I skipped it and stick to the main dishes. For this price you would rather eat oysters over Cesar salad, right?

To end the dinner, there was desert section with many selection of cakes, fruits and even churros with different sauces. After those, I was ready to roll home with smiley face. Staff greeted once we were leaving and they were actually serving as all night with amazing hospitality. 10 points for them for that.

Was it worth it? Absolutely it is worth it but pricewise it ain’t definitely for everyone. Especially not for you if you are backpacker or in a budget overall.  I am going to still go some of these high end places when I have special moments to celebrate. Maybe it means eating just mama noodles for few days to save money for it but that’s life.

Live to eat and not eat to live,


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