Shopping in Train night market at Srinakarin road, Bangkok

Night Markets are fun and chill way to spend your free nights in Bangkok. I don’t know how many night markets there is in Bangkok overall as there are tens of them, but i do know which one is my current favorite… Train night market (Talaat Rod Fai) in Srinakarin road.

The original Rod Fai Market was behind the Chatuchak Market close to BTS Mo Chit. It’s location in that point was right next to train tracks and the market itself got named after them. Train night market moved to its present location in 2013 when BTS line were expanding and took over the land of the original market. At the moment, there is also 2 other train night markets so remember that this blog is about the one in Srinakarin road.

Due its location in Srinakarin road, it is a bit difficult to reach via public transportation, but not impossible though. Closest BTS stations are On Nut and Udom Suk. You can take Songtaew 1014 from Udom Suk soi 3 or Songtaew no. 4 from the parking are next to Sukhumvit soi 73 (On Nut area) to reach Seacon Square. And the market itself is right next to Seacon Square and can be accessed via Srinakarin soi 51. Just search for a soi with a big boat on it and walk 200-300 meters through bar/restaurant area to reach the night market on your left. Here is link to google maps for your convenience:

Frequent bus routes 145 and 207 are passing Train Night Market so those are additional options if you are not coming with BTS first.

Srinakarin Soi 51

Please note that this night market is not open every day, only from Thursday to Sunday. The action starts at 5 pm and starting to close down around midnight, some stalls being open until 1 am.

Shopping is the main activity here and there is plenty of options. Shopping wise the market is divided in to 3 zones, These are Market Zone, Warehouse Zone and Rod’s Antiques. 

The coolest area of all is definitely Rod’s Antiques. It is factory look a like buildings with shops selling vintage items. This can include motorbikes, classic cars and antiques. They even have helicopter over there but i doubt it is for sale 🙂

In the Warehouse Zone, you have more common household items like vintage electronics appliances, second hand clothes or shoes. Many of them in vintage style like most of the things in this market is.

The Market Zone is around 2,000 stalls selling common products such as shoes, clothes, toys and homeware. List prices are affordable themselves but you can gain some discounts via bargaining.

Although this market is great for shopping, don’t forget to check the food area selling all kind of foods. I was happy to see that nowadays there is options for vegetarians and for halal too. Funkiest food i saw was grilled crocodile in black pepper. Prices were affordable overall.

That’s not all actually. Once you have done your shopping, had your tasty dinner and thinking what to do next, there is one more option to do. That is to chill in one of the many bars and pubs in the market. Many of them playing live music and having good promotions for beers and other alcoholic beverages.

If you leave the area close to the closing hours, it might be difficult to get taxi or bus to leave the area. Its better to leave a bit earlier and avoid transportation problems this way.

Shop till you drop,


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