Prepare to get wet! Best places to celebrate Songkran in Bangkok

Songkran, festival to celebrate start of traditional Thai New Year, is just around the corner. This year it dates at 13-15 April. Songkran is national holiday and many of the Thai people working in Bangkok are going to provinces to celebrate it together with their friends and families. Prepare in advance for banks and offices to be closed for whole duration of Songkran. Be also prepared to wear special colorful Songkran shirts with flowers on them. Almost everyone is wearing them so give it a try .

Songkran is famous for being water festival. It celebrates water as a ritual of washing away bad things from the year before. People celebrating Songkran take part in a traditional pouring (or more like throwing) of water that symbolizes washing away back luck and sins from a person’s life.

Although many people are leaving Bangkok for Songkran, Bangkok is far from being quiet. Here are some of the best places for celebrating it in the capital.

Water fight at Silom for party people

Party area takes place all along a street that is 4+ kilometres long. It is basically huge water fight with water guns, balloons and anything you can imagine for throwing water to each other. If you dont have equipment to join, dont worry. Street vendors are there to sell you all the equipment and drinks you need.

Water fight at Khao San road for party people

Being very similar to Silom party area, but in lot smaller scale area wise and with more foreigners to Thais ration. Prepare to do water fights and get wet!

Traditional Thai celebrations at Phra Pradaeng Songkran Festival (19-21 April)

The Songkran rituals and celebrations here are usually held on the Sunday that follows after Songkran Day.

Music festivals with Thai and international top artists

S20: EDM themed music festival

Songkran Color splash: Thai rock and pop

Siam Songkran music festivals: EDM music festival

Make sure you book tickets as early as you can as all of these music festivals are guaranteed to sold out every year.

Traditional thai temple celebrations at King Power at Rangnam

It is traditional celebration with music, shows and food.

As final words, make sure to celebrate Songkran as it is one of a kind festival in Thailand. Everyone will get wet so use waterproof bags to protect your valuables.

Have fun!


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