Thai style BBQ – Muu Kratha

So you have tried Pad Thai, spicy krapao with rice and som tum salad in local restaurants and want something else? And you like BBQ? And like to do it by yourself in the backyard back at home in the summertime? If you said yes at least 2 times for previous questions, its time to step up the game and go eat Muu Krathaa, “do it yourself” Thai style BBQ and hot pot!

In thai “Muu” means pork and “kratha” means pan. I must admit that the name is misleading as Muu Kratha normally includes pork, beef, chicken, fish and other seafood. It is also misleading in a sense that it includes pan for BBQ but it typically also has pot for making soup.

Best Beef Sukhumvit is one of the most popular Muu kratha restaurants in whole Bangkok. They just raised prices a month ago but they are still pretty much fully booked every night. It is located walking distance from BTS On Nut, between Sukhumvit soi 48/2 and 48/3.

Once you arrive, you see lot of people waiting outside the restaurant for their turn to get in. You need to go to counter to get your own number and wait. You can also use app called QueQ to start queuing before coming to restaurant itself. In popular times, like weekends, you might end up waiting for one hour or more.

Once you have got your table, its time to choose which option you choose. 2 hours BBQ without drinks, with softdrinks flow or with beer flow. And choose if you just want BBQ or you want to do soup/hot pot as well. Prices are starting from around 300 THB for BBQ buffet without drinks.

Then you start filling these small papers with your orders. basically choose whatever you want by adding amount of your orders next to the item you want. Remember also to add table number and give it to waiter. In few mins, you should get your order and its time to BBQ. You can repeat this step as many times as you can in 2 hours 🙂

Once the food comes to table, its time to add it to the pan and let it cook. Add some butter on the pan so food doesn’t burn and stick to it.

There is also few non BBQ items in the menu such as garlic fried rice and spaghetti in the menu that you can order. You can enjoy them together with the freshly BBQed meat of your choice.

To Barbecue or not to Barbecue, that is the question


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