Life is a beach – Day trip to Bang Saen

I am meeting lot of people who come to Bangkok just for few days for layovers or waiting for visas. Many of these same folks are disappointed on not seeing beach or sea in Bangkok and asking me for advises. “what is the closest beach from Bangkok?” and “can i make a day trip to beach” being the most common questions. What visitors would normally do is to go to over touristy Pattaya and get disappointed on what it’s beach offers and oversupply of bars. If i can recommend more relaxing trip for anyone, i am recommending them to go to Bang Saen beach instead.

Bang Saen is located in Chonburi, just 1,5 hours away from Bangkok. You can reach it also with bus or mini van from Mochit and Ekkamai bus stations. Direct link to google maps is here:

Beach in Bang Saen has white sand but the water is not as crystal clear as in some other beaches. It doesn’t mean in its dirty water though, its is bit brownish due the current of the sea. In the beach you can swim, do activities such as banana boat and of course get your tan with sun bathing

You can rent chairs and sun umbrella for 30THB per day.

As Bang Saen is still very non touristy, it can be easily claimed to be one of the cheapest beaches in Thailand. Everything here is cheaper eg. compared to Pattaya which is just 50 km south from Bang Saen.

One of the must things to do here is to try seafood. You can eat it on the beach or in close by restaurants. Prices are affordable and seafood is fresh and normally very good. I also enjoyed coconut ice cream in the hot sunny day i was there.

An Ocean breeze putts a mind at ease,


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