Escape from concrete jungle of Bangkok – biking in Bang Krachao

Bangkok is famous for being city that never sleeps with skyscrapers and busy intersections everywhere. There is not many parks in the city itself and construction company’s are buying all lands they can and building more high rise condo buildings and shopping malls. What to do when you want to have a bit of more fresh air and see some nature but don’t have time to do few hours trip outside the city? One of the options is to go to Bang Krachao, the green lungs of Bangkok.

Bang Krachao is island in Chaopraya river. It’s a bit off from downtown (surprise surprise) and closest BTS station is Bangna. From Bangna walk to Sanphawut road where they have red mini buses / Songteaws towards Temple called Wat Bangna Nok. Hop off in the end stop and walk to temple and look for ferry. Its close to the parking area and it will be on right hand side once walking towards temple. Ferry ticket costs 7 THB one way and it just takes 5-10 mins to reach your destination.

Once you have reached Bang Krachao, rent a bike for a day. It typically costs 50 THB and they also give you map of the island so you can navigate easier. Remember to bring some kind of ID card (or passport) with you as they ask for that in bicycle rental places.

Best time to visit Bang Krachao is Saturday and Sunday. This is due the fact that floating market Bangnamphung is open on those days. Come early as it starts to close typically at 3-4pm.

If you have seen pictures of Damnoen Saduak floating markets and expecting this floating to be similar, you wil be disappointed. This floating market is more like a market next to the river, no sales from boats etc are happening here.

My normal routines when visiting Bang Krachao are first going to shopping some food and snacks in the floating market and then driving bike to the park area (Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan) for a picnic and chill.

In the island you can bike through narrow bike paths and enjoy seeing green areas everywhere. There is also loads of monitor lizards in the area, especially close to the water areas.

There is also loads of new cool cafeterias in the island. Bangkok tree house for example is popular cafe and hotel right next to the river. It has big focus on sustainability and natural sources for everything. If all businesses would be so responsible on their carbon footprint, world would be a better place.

Back in the concrete jungle now…. and dreaming of next trip out from it already,


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