Nakhom Pathom hidden secrets – Little tree garden cafe

Nakhom Pathom is home of worlds largest Chedi, but did you know that it has also really lively cafeteria culture. There are many trendy and cool cafes around the area and this time we managed to find real gem – Little tree garden cafe.

First of all, i must admit that this cafeteria is a bit off the main roads and not reachable with public transportation. But if you have car in use, this cafeteria is really worth the drive even all the way from Bangkok. While going towards the cafe, you can feel and see that the streets are getting more quiet and narrow, but once reaching destination, the car park was full of cars. How did this happen? 🙂

From the parking area itself, there is a small wooden walkways through the forest towards the cafeteria area. You can immediately get the feeling that you are far away from the city and all it’s stressful things.

Cafeteria itself has many different areas where you can have a cup of coffee with cake or dining. It has small ponds inside the garden where you can see fish swimming. Some areas have more traditional dining tables with chairs, some have nice sofas where you can relax and enjoy the garden

The cake selection was impressive. Not quantity wise, but quality wise. It included cakes of many sorts (including fruit cakes, cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, brownies etc) and they were carefully made to have amazing and tempting looks. Food seemed to have garden flavor on them, such as flowers ,but we didn’t try food ourselves this time. We just came for coffee and cakes. There was some other small details that were thought spot on. Such as straws were made from paper material, not plastic like normally. These little things towards sustainability are always making me happy.

Cake and coffee was delicious and not too bad price wise. We paid 280 THB for 2 cups of different iced coffee and one piece of cake. We will definitely come back here again.

Life is beautiful when you are sipping a coffee in the garden,


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