Koh Kret, Pottery village island in Bangkok

The riverside in Bangkok is bursting with life every day. It is entertaining to visit by boat busses and see several temples, markets, 5 star hotels, luxury malls and locals living in small houses all in nice harmony together. If you continue towards north in Chaopraya river, you will reach Koh Kret, pottery village island within the river itself.

There are several options on how to come to Koh Kret with public transportation. Easiest of them being taking boat bus from Saphan Taksin direction with green flag boat and stopping at Wat Klangkret temple. This temple is just opposite of Koh Kret and you can take river crossing boat service for few bahts.

There is also another option for river crossing and that is from the north side of the Koh Kret, from Wat Bang chak temple. you can recognize it from its large sitting golden Buddha image by the river. We came with car and parked over at temple for 20 THB. River crossing from was 5THB per person.

What can you do and expect to see at Koh Kret. It does have typical market items suchs as food, fruits and souvenirs, but most famous Koh Kret is for its handicrafts, pottery specifically. They are also mixing up the normal offerings such as selling takeaway food and coffee with special pottery items. For example, I bought this cup of coffee including the mug for 25THB.

There is a tour around the island for 70 THB per person, but i decided not to go for it. You can basically also bike around the island as its nice and compact small island. Bikes are for rent for relatively cheap prices.

Koh Kret is still not found by bigger tourist groups and majority of the people here are Thais. Overall prices are good and atmosphere very non touristy. If you want to take a break from exploring the island, there is several riverside restaurants, cafeterias where you can chill and enjoy the breeze from the river.

Best time to visit is the weekends as more shops are open during it. All the activities are starting to also close down pretty early so plan your trip so that you have enough time to explore everything before 5pm. Meaning be at the Koh Kret island latest 2-2:30pm

The temple Wat Bang Chak, located opposite side of the river, itself is worth to check as well. It had temple and sort of historic presentations of Buddhas history inside a park. Check it out if you have extra one hour to burn

Untill the next time,


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