Escape from concrete jungle of Bangkok – biking in Bang Krachao

Bangkok is famous for being city that never sleeps with skyscrapers and busy intersections everywhere. There is not many parks in the city itself and construction company's are buying all lands they can and building more high rise condo buildings and shopping malls. What to do when you want to have a bit of more... Continue Reading →


Thai style BBQ – Muu Kratha

So you have tried Pad Thai, spicy krapao with rice and som tum salad in local restaurants and want something else? And you like BBQ? And like to do it by yourself in the backyard back at home in the summertime? If you said yes at least 2 times for previous questions, its time to... Continue Reading →

Bat cave in Photharam, Ratchaburi

I was just browsing some old photos and found few interesting ones from my hometown Photharam. It was from Bat cave that is, like all tourists spots in Ratchaburi, still pretty unknown for wider audience. Photharam district is just 30 mins drive away from Ratchaburi city and is really small town with real authentic Thai... Continue Reading →

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